« ohhh i thought he was talking about amnesia being the next single or bringing amnesia to the stage because of the trend #wewantamnesia that everyone was tweeting him but i guess not :/ » — Anonymous


most of my followers know how bad i am with all these twitter news and trends (wink wink mickey) maybe he was referring to amnesia idkkk??? i honestly think this era is already over considering that he’ll be touring until the end of the year

now if that’s the case, i hope he doesn’t shoot a “send me your ideas i’ll choose the best ones” video because he’s never in his videos anymore and that song can’t just be ruined I WILL FIGHT WITH YOU JUSTIN

*britney voice* you can’t destroy that song sweetie


AU: After a rough break up with Britney Spears, Harry decides it is time to be honest with himself. He begins to publicly open up about his Bisexuality. But to the shock of his Christian mother. She doesn’t handle it well and kicks him out. In an interview, Harry tearfully admits that his true love is Louis Tomlinson. When questioned about if she knew of Louis and Harry’s secret affair, Britney reacts both shocked and disgusted because she was sleeping with Harry while he slept with Louis. 

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« Do you remember Britney's Ellen interview last year & her interview on GMA? (I think there was one more where she mentioned Justin & the denim outfits.) Anyway, it hit me recently that in those interviews, she referred to him as "Justin", but in her radio interview where she said "Holy Grail" was a recent favorite song, she said his whole name. Do you think her team felt like she was indicating they were close again & they said to stop referring to him as just "Justin"? Am I delusional? Haha. » — Anonymous

lol i thought she referred to him as justin timberlake in her radio interview because she was talking about music and there is also justin bieber in the business. She referred to him as Justin on Ellen and GMA because they knew which Justin she was talking about

do you remember the time where jamie spears got rid of the pink wig


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« Wait, that other part of the JT interview that deals with Britney and Ryan will air in TWO MONTHS? » — Anonymous

dfafksfmjkwdrjk I’M SCREAMING noooo “2mo: tomorrow” hahah

« what does justins tweet mean? about the "i know what the next ones gonna sound like" » — Anonymous

he is talking about his new album

« They say he'll take about this early years with Ryan and Britney. He also say "people still sing Cry Me a River" which I dound interresting but, well, I guess you need to watch the video when you can. » — Anonymous

i should have seen “cmar” resurrecting again

i remember people were like “aw poor guy” everytime he got asked about britney or cmar well if he was sick of it, he wouldnt bring it up

« Same anon that sent the interview link, it says he is going to talk about Brit & Ryan Gossling which will air 2mo in their next interview snippet. They basically asked him about his tour and fav songs of his, he says his fav song is Mirrors but the "crowd" also like CMAR, » — Anonymous

thanks a lot bb

my heart is pumping fast everytime he is about to talk about britney. Not that he won’t say something nice (well we know he says nice things about her on national tv), I think he’s more interesting to analyze