Britney clearly has no idea what is happening in other countries.

Special Edition: Britney in Germany



Don't Hold the Wall - Justin Timberlake


Don’t Hold the Wall- Justin Timberlake 

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Britney’s just like “I know, it’s hard”

#actually no she doesnt like to be called like that


britney fans trying to defend the ‘britney jean’ era


You can’t win, no.

#omfg#BEST#this is what she's been through since 1998#this should be printed on my grave omfg#so goooood
« wait, what happened with these shirts that they were holding? » — Anonymous

i’ll explain I’m sorry to keep you waiting but i’m trying to find his pictures from nsync tours

does anyone know a REALLY good justin or nsync gallery?

« Is it just me or did you notice how that horse carries chanel bags and wears expensive cloths after she married justin or? » — Anonymous

no bby i am really not interested in jessica

the only time I look at her photos is when there are pregnancy rumors lol

this is my message count on tumblr and I swear to God, at least 40+ of them are Jessica related (and mostly hate) timberbiel shippers better appreciate me for not publishing any of them lol


because I don’t want to turn this blog into a jessica hate blog or timberbiel hate blog i just want to be able to enjoy talking to justney shippers thats all

« has britney gotten a boob job? bot counting the time when she was a teenager » — Anonymous

idk man i don’t think she did, it’d be fucking impressive if she was able to perform right after getting implants

« Do you think that "Amnesia" is about Britney? » — Anonymous


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